1955 - 1959


PR trademark created after Charles Christensen bought rights from Poul Reimers Maskinfabrik. The business moves into valve production, making cylindrical lubricated plug valves for the energy industry

1960 - 1969


As Europe continues to rebuild its war-damaged cities, district heating systems become popular. This proves an important market for Brdr. Christensen’s valves. They’re still found in thousands of district heating systems and pumping stations

1970 - 1979


Creation of Seguro Gate Valve at Brdr. Christensen


Brdr. Christensen begins making pressure-balanced conical plug valves for the oil and gas industry. They quickly become the company’s most important product and are still exported worldwide today

1980 - 1989


Kurt Erling Bang Christensen became co-owner of the company

1990 - 1999


Collaboration with Exxon Mobil leads to the production of the twin pressure balanced plug valve, a safer alternative for the oil and gas industry

2000 - 2009


Kurt Erling Bang Christensen assumes full control of the business as the sole proprietary

2010 - 2019


Thomas Vennick Christensen, the grandson of the original Christensen brothers, takes over the business

2020 - Current


Brdr. Christensen ApS continues to invest in R&D, production processes, manufacturing equipment, and new technologies


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